Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Salute restaurant Key West - feedback

You know there are places you pass by almost every day en route to work or play, but you never seem to stop in. Well, curiosity gets to you eventually and you are pleasantly surprised and could kick yourself for not trying the location a long time ago. It took a special friend to suggest a visit to Salute restaurant on Higgs Beach on the Atlantic side of Key West for me to realize I’ve been missing out. The food is wonderful.
I need to say at the outset that the reason I held off trying this eatery was the fact we have a homeless problem on our island and without getting into the politics of it they seem to like Higgs. I’ve done work with homeless in Washington, DC, so I understand the need to assist them with living quarters and a clean environment. Anyone can be intimidated about frequenting a store or restaurant where homeless gather. The city is about to resolve the matter and this will help make a visit to Higgs Beach for play and food more appetizing. The Key West Aids Memorial, African American Cemetery, Martello Museum and White Street pier are also part of the Higgs Beach landscape. You can even attend Yoga classes on the beach here every morning. Nevertheless, I am glad I ventured into Salute with encouragement from my friend and I look forward to each visit.
My favorite meal there to date has been the grilled chicken over a bowl of peppery flavored brussel sprouts. Why aren’t Brussels sprouts available on more menus in the world? I love them and I know a number of people who would love to have that option as a side to their entrée. This is also a restaurant that demands wine. Everything is cooked with flavorful ingredients and served with thoughtful presentation and a carafe just seems to make the meal complete.
You can eat inside if you like, but the Atlantic is right there and even if a bit warm outside wouldn’t you prefer to embrace it then separate yourself from it? The warm family-like atmosphere adds to the experience without being too cloying. I think you will be happy with the price of the meals considering what you get for the cost and there’s a beachfront full of parking spaces so driving there (it’s off the mainstream tourist area) is an easy task to be sure.
As resort spots allow themselves to succumb to corporate entities it gets harder to find eating spots with local flavor and personality. You may have to go off the main tourist path to find it, but you will be happy that Salute’ is at the end of your trek. Enjoy!
Doug Heyman in Key West for the Food Reference website

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Thursday, November 16, 2006